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The Family Tree

Life at NWHCM is as exciting as ever. We have just launched a new sponsorship program for our various ministries and are sharing with people how they can be an integral part of caring for all types of orphans in Haiti. We have five main areas of ministry and three of them care for different types of orphans. We call it The Family Tree!

Orphan Care at NWHCM is at the heart of who we are. We have three different orphanages that we use to house and care for our children. We have our baby orphanage in Mole St. Nicolas, our young boy orphanage in La Baie, and our older boy and girl orphanage at our main campus in St. Louis du Nord. To house and are for one child costs $300 per month. We are seeking people to partner together and raise the funds to sponsor one child. That may be ten people at $30 per month or any other way it breaks down.

Special Needs Orphans are a huge part of our ministry. In Haiti, anyone with special needs is seen as cursed and treated as an outcast. We have 45 children who live in the Miriam Center. They will live with us forever. They also need sponsors at the same level.

Gran Moun is the Creole way of saying elderly person. We have 35 Gran Moun orphans who live on our St. Louis du Nord campus. They are some funny, loving people who have no family to care for them. We are seeking to have all of them sponsored as quickly as possible.

The Birthing Center at NWHCM is an amazing ministry. In 2012 we had 930 babies born. Women come from all over the Northwest Zone, by truck, by foot, or by wheelbarrow (yes, it is true!) to deliver at NWHCM. We have a pre-natal program that teaches moms about nutrition and health care and makes sure they are getting important vitamins and nutrients for their babies. We ask people to help our Birthing Center by sponsoring at $50.00 per month.

The Nutrition Program at NWHCM may be the way we impact Haiti the most. Across our campuses we serve 2,000 meals per day. We feed malnourished children and their families and help provide health care and education for them. A Nutrition Program Sponsorship is $50.00 per month.

Each staff person has taken on one orphan child, one Miriam Center child, and one Gran Moun to help promote in sponsorship. Here are pictures of my friends Fanise, Isaac, and Arsene. They are some amazing people filled with love and joy. If you would like to help sponsor one of these amazing people, please visit The Family Tree at Simply click on the branch you would like to support and find the person you would like to sponsor.














To support Fanise click here:

To support Isaac click here:

To support Arsene click here:

Thank you all so much for your prayers, your friendship and your support. We could never do what we do without you supporting us. For more information about how you can support us financially, please visit us here: .