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Summer Beginnings

IMG_3131  Summer is getting ready to get into full swing at Northwest    Haiti Christian Mission. Our first teams show up tonight, June  5, and then our next wave hits tomorrow night. Over the last  week we have worked hard on intern training, preparing the  campus for teams, working on projects, and meeting and  training pastors.


The picture above is from June 3 when we were in the village of  Beauchamp, about two hours west of the main mission campus.  The interns and a community development, as well as myself  spent two days meeting with pastors and community leaders to talk about how we can better partner to bring overall health to the community. One of these meetings was to walk through some inductive problem solving exercises with the pastors. We were helping them see how problems can actually be solved instead of symptoms merely treated. It was a rewarding introduction to this process. The picture is of the interns doing a skit that demonstrates the difference between dependence and development.

As summer gets rolling, please continue to pray for our mission staff and our teams. We are starting on a rough note this week. There is a new virus in Haiti that is spread by mosquitoes. It brings a high fever, rash, and joint pain. It only lasts a few days, but it is very rough. Right now, Emily and three other of our staff have it and are fighting to get well. Please keep them in your prayers and please pray for us to avoid this as much as possible.

I have been working with local pastors on several fronts right now. One church in the States has given a generous gift to one of our mission churches. I have met with the pastor and church leaders to being prioritizing needs of the church. It has been a fun process to see them begin thinking through the best way to use resources to serve people.

I am trying to help two churches meet some very real needs. Churches in Haiti have annual conferences that are uniting points for the church family. I have two churches that want to put on the conferences but don’t have the funds. It costs about   $300 American for a conference. Please pray for God to provide these funds.


Prayer Needs:

  • Health of our staff.
  • Church Health for the Haitian Churches.
  • Safety for our summer teams.
  • Safety for Alana, Zach and Kimberly as they travel on June 19th to join us in Haiti.
  • Our personal financial support.


Thank you so much for your support and for allowing us to serve in this amazing ministry. We could not do it without you.


Yours for His Purpose,