Rescue Restore Redeem


So, as busy as last week was in Haiti, this week has been even more chaotic. Last Friday, my mom had a heart attack in the morning. I talked with her and she was in good spirits and the doctors felt like she would be in the hospital a couple of days and then go home. About noon that day, she had another heart attack and actually coded. The doctors revived her and had to put six stints in the right side of her heart.
Once I heard of that event, I made plans to leave Haiti three weeks early and get back to the States. I returned home on Saturday. On Monday the doctors put a pacemaker in my mom. I was able to drive up and am spending this week with her at the hospital. She is still very weak and they are planning for her to go into cardiac rehab in the next few days. So many of you have contacted me and sent encouraging notes and prayers. I want to thank all of you for your support. We are also so thankful for our church family and some great friends who supported us financially for me to be able to come and see my mom.
It has been a busy and hectic week, but we are so thankful we are not walking through it alone. Your prayers and support have been so encouraging. We could never thank you enough. I will keep people posted through FaceBook as much as possible. 

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