Rescue Restore Redeem

And We’re Off!!!

IMG_1525 Well, it is June 3 and the Harvey family is on the  move. We will be leaving our home tonight to  begin our travels into Haiti for the next eight  weeks. We are so excited about all God has in  store for us and we can’t wait to work alongside  our staff, interns, and short-term teams.

This has been a crazy busy and fast paced  month. Emily finished school in Tennessee and  came home for the summer, Zach turned 18 and graduated high school, and Kimberly turned 14 and finished middle school. In the midst of all those events, we hosted NWHCM Summer Intern Training in Florida for four days.

The photo above shows our amazing group of interns. These are college students who have raised money to come and serve the mission and the Haitian people this summer. Alana and I have the privilege of serving as their mentors and helping them adjust to life on the field as well as helping them see how God wants to move and work in their lives at an even deeper level. This is one of the most exciting parts of my job!

Please be praying for our family this summer. It will be a different summer of new challenges, new responsibilities and new opportunities. I am praying God will use this time to shape and refine our hearts to look more like his.

I will be traveling to many different communities this summer to do partnership evaluations and community research. I will also be working closely with our Haitian pastors to help them develop some new systems of operations and to train them in developing the people in their churches to be disciples of Christ.

Thank you so much for your prayers, your support and your encouragement. We love that we can partner with you to reach the “least of these” with the message of Jesus.

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