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Summer Update #1

Enjoying our MAF flight!

Enjoying our MAF flight!

     Hi Friends!! We have been in Haiti for a  week and it has already been a great adventure!  We wanted to give you an update on all that is  happening at Northwest Haiti Christian  Mission and in the life of the Harvey Family.
The picture is from our flight from Port Au  Prince up to the mission. We normally bus up  and it takes seven or more hours. This trip we  were blessed to be able to fly with Mission  Aviation Fellowship. It allowed us to actually  make it up to the mission at lunchtime. It is so  fun to fly with an organization we have known  about for years.
After a day to get settled in, re-connect with the interns and say hello to our Haitian friends, we had groups begin to arrive for their Haitian adventure. We had two church groups arrive to go serve in some of our other communities.
On Sunday, a surgical team arrived to serve for two weeks. It has been a great experience to watch people who have needed surgeries for years be able to receive them. One man had a very painful condition and had needed surgery for years. (Because this is a family post, I will spare you details.) As he entered the OR, he paused and said, “Thank you all so much. I have suffered for years. Now I can go to church, the market and work to support my family.” It made me think of the woman who touched Jesus cloak and was healed of her bleeding.
Our role is facilitating the teams working on our campus. It has been great to work with this medical team. They even let all of the interns go in and observe surgery. Zach and I have watched surgeries, and Alana and Kimberly are working their way up to it!
It has been a great beginning to our summer. We have already seen God move in great ways and we are excited to see all that happens the next few weeks. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. God uses you to bless our lives and allows us to partner with others to bring the hope of Jesus to Haiti.                                                                                     
Please feel free to e-mail, message us on FaceBook or send a chat on Voxer; we would love to hear from you!!

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