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Summer Update #2

My buddy Samy after surgery.

My buddy Samy after surgery.

     Hello from Haiti! It has been an incredibly busy  week, but God has done some amazing things at  Northwest Haiti Christian Mission and I wanted to  share with you about some of what we are involved in  this week.
As I shared last week, we have a surgery team in that  is doing a ton of surgeries and helping a lot of our  Haitian friends. It has been really fun to work  alongside this team and to see how God can use the  medical world as a tool to share the gospel.
The pastor of our mission church, Pastor St. Verty,  has been in the pre-op room all week praying with  families and patients. It is such a joy to see Haitians  ministering to others Haitians. We love how God uses

this humble man to pour into the lives of those who live in our community.

Dr. Zach springs into action!

Dr. Zach springs into action!

     Zach has had a unique chance this week to help an anesthesiologist. He  has helped with getting supplies, monitoring patients, and moving patients  in and out of the OR. I asked him how it was and he said, “It’s cool, but I  don’t think I would want to do it for a career.”
Alana and Kimberly have focused on working alongside our interns as  they serve on campus. They are able to go to each program every morning  and share the devotion for the day. They have also spent some time helping  one of our full-time staff get settled in after some time in the States.
I have been working closely with the doctors this week. It makes it fun because some of the patients who come in are people I know from the church or the community. My buddy Samy, pictured above, was one of my friends who came in this week. He was smiling ear to ear as he went into surgery and ear to ear when he woke up. He is the coolest little kid I know.
Not all of our surgeries end in big smiles. Just this morning the surgeons began a surgery on a woman and found she was filled with cancer. They removed one ovary, but there was nothing else they could do. I went with one of the doctors as he talked with the family and the patient. As he spoke to them, I noticed his hands literally shaking. It feels so helpless to know there is nothing we can do to help this woman.
This next week is exciting for us as Emily comes in for the next ten days with our church team. We are excited to see her and to get to do ministry with our church family.                                             
Please continue to pray for us as we continue to journey through this summer. We are so excited to see all that God has planned. 

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