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Summer Update #3

This is a special post from Alana:

Headed to dinner with our staff and interns!

Headed to dinner with our staff and interns!

Bon jou from Haiti! As we wind down June and enter July, we have had a  very relaxing and fun week here at the mission. Our teams left last weekend,  which gave all of us opportunity to rest and rejuvenate, do laundry, read,  nap, spend time with friends and have fun. We had some cool planned  activities with the staff too – Bingo night, a trip to a ‘Secret Beach’, dinner  out at a restaurant and a time of worship. I think just about everyone  enjoyed a nap or two (maybe more.) Along with physical rest, each of us  spent time getting spiritually rejuvenated, too.

My main role here this summer is to mentor the female interns. I just love spending time with them! We have an awesome group of interns and it is a joy to be with them. I was able to connect with many of them. There is a lot of them and only one of me so I am still trying to meet with each of the girls before it gets too busy. I am continually impressed with their passion for Haiti, for the Lord and for people. Each of them brings something special to the ministry this summer!

I actually got to mark of TWO items off of my Haiti Bucket List on Thursday!!! I went to visit the prison in Port du Paix AND rode on a moto (aka motorcycle)! I had been told lots of stuff about the prison ministry, but I had conjured up some scary imagery in my mind. Yet, when I was there it was a HUGE blessing to see their happy faces, excited to see us. Many of the inmates were friendly and listened to our Bible lesson with interest. They asked for prayer and even asked some very good questions. The facility is pretty rough, especially for the men, however the joy of the Lord was present with us. At one point, I looked up and saw two different interns sharing at cell doors and my eyes welled with tears. Who would have thought that we would be able to love and encourage people in a place like this? These inmates look forward to this day every week and experience light and love! The moto ride – well, I don’t know what I was worried about! Piece of cake!

Zach, Kimberly and I leave July 11th to return home and our hearts are already aching. It is always a tug-o-war of emotions as we approach leaving. We want to be in two places at once. We have so many wonderful friends in Haiti that we know we won’t see for another year. Of course, we have extra incentive to be home and reunite with Emily this year. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel, return to our lives and prepare for two kids heading to college and my new job! Pray for John as he finishes his summer ministry too.

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